Care & Cleaning Your Hammock

Care & Cleaning Instructions for your Hammock / Hammock Chair:

Washing: If your hammock or hammock chair becomes lightly soiled, you may hand wash in warm water only - do not use detergent. The hammock must be hang dried only - do not tumble dry. This applies to cotton, polyester and poly-cotton hammocks, including EllTex® and HamacTex® fabrics.

Care: Always keep the hammock or hammock chair strings untangled. The hammock or hammock chair can be left outdoors if conditions are dry, but will fade like that comfortable pair of jeans with exposure to the sun. Your hammock or hammock chair should not be put away wet to avoid mildew. If your hammock or hammock chair gets wet, hang dry only - do not tumble dry.

A hammock is not a toy. Hammocks with spreader bar are naturally tippy. Children should use only with close adult supervision.

Before using your hammock or hammock chair, always check the hammock for damage, especially if the item has been stored away for a period of time. The hammock must not be used if there are broken, torn or otherwise defective parts!

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