How To Lay In A Hammock

How to lay in a Hammock:

To assume the correct laying position, the hammock must be fixed and suspended correctly. Please see How to Hang a Hammock for further details. 

Where as Spreader Bar hammocks encourages one to lay straight as the fabric is spread evenly and taut due to the integrated spreader bars. A correctly hung classic hammock (non-spreader bar) allows for a diagonal lying position, like a real Brazilian ("from corner to corner"), not straight. This keeps the back straight and is the secret of being able to lie comfortably and relaxed for hours on end in a hammock. Though one can lie in a hammock lengthwise or across its width, most hammocks are best used with a diagonal position, as it provides the most room and support. Users with back and joint pains often report some relief from these problems when sleeping in a hammock in this manner.

 LAYING TIP!  Getting into a hammock needs a little practice. Make sure you sit in it before lying down. If you keep this in mind, you will find that everything else is no problem at all. 

DID YOU KNOW! In Brazil, hammocks are still used as beds, as they always have been. This is the reason that they are as wide and as comfortable as a bed! Even if you are only going to use your hammock for relaxation, you should still try to adopt the Brazilian way of lying: Contrary to European ideas, classic (non-spreader) hammocks are not hung taut.

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