Masonry BBQ Care & Maintenance

Masonry and Stone Barbecue User Guidance and Tips:

Delivery: Masonry and stone barbecues are supplied and delivered in component form on a pallet. Components are heavy and will require 2 persons to move into position and assemble. Deliveries are kerb side.

Installation, Care and Maintenance: To help minimise cracks appearing in your BBQ the following should be adhered to: 

1. The BBQ must be built on a level solid foundation, a solid concrete pad poured to 10cm in thickness and made no smaller than the overall width and depth dimension of the barbecue. Failure to install onto a suitable base may void the manufacturers warranty. Paving slabs are not considered a suitable base by most manufacturers.

2. Do not mortar or glue the base component directly to the base foundation (unless your instructions say to do so).

3. Use a very thin layer of mortar or glue to assemble the parts in order as per the instructions supplied.

4. If fire bricks are supplied do not fix in place with adhesive or mortar. 

5. When lighting for the first time (or if not used for a while), light a small fire and build gradually. This will help absorb any moisture in the components. Do not use lighting fluid on masonry or stone barbecues. Do not overload with charcoal.

6. Avoid burning paper or wood. Wood can be burnt on some barbecues but only in very small quantities. 1 or 2 small logs. Burning wood or paper produces a more intense heat. The more intense the heat the more the components will expand which can result in cracking. Same applies with charcoal. Do not overload the charcoal area, and always build the fire gradually. As stone retains heat you will need less charcoal to cook when compared to a metal barbecue.

7. If small cracks appear in the stone during use you will need to repaint at the end of the season. Larger cracks may need to be filled with a suitable silicon glue. Each manufacturer may suggest a different product.

8. Protect in Winter from frost with a cover or tarpaulin. When using again, refer to step 5.

If unsure your supplied instructions are paramount and use the supplied telephone help line if required.

Tips: Wait 24 hours after assembly and painting before you use your BBQ. Using masking tape, mask the already pre-coloured components to protect from drips when painting. 

We hope that you have found this information useful. Should you have any questions please feel free to Contact Us


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